You’ve probably had one of those days when your chronic condition has left you pretty tired out. But you’ve still got to get into work.  So do you try to hide your fatigue all day? Or do you admit to not being at your best. Here are some ideas about how to handle this situation: […]

Think about your own experiences as you begin the road ahead. You too may be feeling overwhelmed by the expectations and responsibilities being placed on your shoulders. If so, you might also be asking: Can I trust myself?  To help you answer the trust question, check out my new article:

When you’re living with a chronic condition, it’s only normal for thoughts about your mortality to come up.  Still, that can be kind of scary.  Who wants to think about death?  Uncertainty comes with the territory of living with a chronic condition.  Hence, you may find yourself considering your own mortality.  Here are some ideas […]

The compassion fatigue that a family member experiences can lead to stress, which can make it difficult to function effectively at work or at school. It can cause them to shut down emotionally, so that they go through the motions of supporting you as they always have, but it will be apparent that the labor […]

Nobody likes unwanted advice. It can leave you feeling like you’re being talked down to, as if you can’t manage your own life. It can make you feel exposed, judged, blamed. And it’s just downright annoying.  Check out my article on how to cope with unwanted advice that comes your way.  As well as how […]

Living with a chronic condition reminds us of how much of life we aren’t in control of. And that means feeling helpless sometimes.  Humans don’t do very well with helpless feelings, that’s for sure. Click on the link to read a recent article on coping with helpless feelings, written from a mindfulness perspective.

Effective communication is critical in any relationship. It is especially important when you’re living with a chronic condition. If you’re doing a lot of texting, chances are you are at risk of a misunderstanding that can have an impact on your wellness. How about a little less texting and a little more talking? Check out […]

It can be scary when you look in the mirror and you see an unwanted change in your appearance. Chronic conditions can change the way we look, as a result of medication, lifestyle changes, or the effects of the chronic condition.  Here’s help:

It’s not easy to wait for test results. Our minds can go to very dark and scary places as we wait for the verdict from the lab or our doctors. But there are things you can do to help yourself get through the countdown. Check out my article on this topic!

If I was a fly on the wall at your place, what would I learn about the emotional atmosphere?  Your home is a safe space.   I know we hear that term a lot these days.  But when it comes to your home, it’s important for everybody to be able to look forward to being there, […]