Services of Gary McClain

Counseling and Coaching I provide counseling to individuals and families who are facing a medical diagnosis. I can help you with:

  • Acknowledging your feelings, no matter how scary or uncomfortable
  • Recognizing your concerns about your future and the future of those you love
  • Making the difficult treatment decisions you are being asked to make
  • Understanding how your condition may affect your daily life going forward and creating your ‘new normal’
  • Developing a strategy for educating yourself on your condition and dealing with the medical establishment
  • Communicating better in personal and family relationships
  • Defining your hopes and aspirations for the future
  • And anything else that comes up along the way

I have an office in New York City, and if you live outside of the New York metropolitan area, we can arrange coaching sessions by telephone. Let’s sit down and talk about how you can get Prepared for the Road Ahead! Contact me for more information.


Educational Programs I offer workshops and seminars, including: Prepared for the Road Ahead, a workshop for newly-diagnosis patients that focuses on emotions, relationships, self-image, and spirituality And other related topics for patients, caregivers, counselors and therapists, and healthcare professionals, including:

  • Communicating with medical professionals
  • Empowered Healthcare for Over Age 65+
  • Helping patients and their families cope with a new diagnosis
  • Medical diagnosis and the grieving process
  • How families communicate around illness

I have addressed small community groups and national conferences.


Research and Consulting I conduct qualitative research, consulting, and program development for healthcare organizations with a focus on understanding, communicating with, and meeting the needs of newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers across medical conditions. Clients have included major medical centers, communications agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.