Recently Published Articles

“Mind/Manner,” a column published in each bi-monthly issue of HIV Plus Magazine.

“After the Diagnosis,” The Advocate, American Mental Health Counselors Association, November, 2009.

“My View: Medicare Coverage for Counselors: The Time is Now,” Newsletter of the Association for Adult Development and Aging, Fall, 2009.

“Managing Your Health Begins With Partnering With Your Doctor,” Fibromyalgia News, National Fibromyalgia Association, August, 2009.


“Caregiving: Recognizing the Joys Beyond the Challenges,” Penn Home Schooler, February, 2009.


 “Does The Doctor Know What’s Going On With You?: Communicating with your doctor is a key to better healthcare” and “Not Feeling Like Yourself Lately? Recognizing the Signs of Depression and Getting Help,” self-help brochures directed toward the healthcare needs of older adults published by the Association for Adult Development and Aging, January, 2009.


“When Mommy or Daddy Gets Sick,” Big Apple Parent, November, 2008. “Just Got Diagnosed: Coping with Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis,” Arthritis Self-Management, September, 2008.


“Ten Steps to Make Post-Diagnosis Planning More Manageable,” Coping With Cancer, March/April, 2008.


“Packed for the Road Ahead” Hep C Connections, Spring, 2007. “I Just Got Diagnosed (Again). Now What Do I Do?” Hep C Connections, Winter, 2006.


“Another Diagnosis. What Do I Do Now?” Body Positive Magazine, January, 2006.


“I Just Got Diagnosed: Now What?” NYC Plus, November, 2005.


“Five Questions to Ask About my Mental Health” Body Positive Website.


“Hep C and HIV Co-Infected? Get Powered Up!” Body Positive Magazine, July, 2005 (No. 1, 2005).


“Working Both Sides of Healthcare: What are the Real Entitlements?” NYC Plus, July/August, 2005.


Contributor on workplace and health issues for, a Website for adults at midlife.


Books Published by Gary R. McClain


After the Diagnosis: How Patients React and How to Help Them Cope, Cengage/Delmar, 2010 (anticipated).


Presentations: Proven Techniques for Creating Presentations That Get Results, Adams, 2007.


Empowering Your Life with Joy (Co-author, with Eve Adamson), Alpha, 2003. The Everything Managing People Book (Co-author, with Deborah Romaine), Adams, 2002.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Zen Living, (Co-author, with Eve Adamson), Alpha, 2000.


Second edition released in 2004. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Breaking Bad Habits, (Co-Author, with Suzanne LeVert), Alpha Books/Macmillan, 1998.


An Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild. Translated into Spanish. Revised edition, 2000.