So, you and your partner are spending a lot of time together these days.  Most likely, that’s an understatement.  During this pandemic, many couples are 24/7.  So you would think you would be so used to each other at this point that you wouldn’t be getting on each other’s nerves.  I mean, you’ve had plenty […]

Anger is a primary emotion. When something happens that you don’t like, you will probably feel angry. But anger can also be a covering emotion. Feelings of sadness, frustration, fear, disappointment, for example may also be expressed as anger. So the next time you are ready to blow up, how about taking a step back […]

Life sure has changed.  We’re all hunkering down, as the saying goes.  Tucked away in our homes as we comply with the request to isolate.  And feeling, well, isolated. We’re all feeling frustrated as we wait to return to our lives, and we’re all feeling isolated. So, is it time for a good vent? Check out […]

Due to their chronic condition, I have many clients who are working with multiple physicians. One doctor for this aspect of their diagnosis, another doctor for something else. Maybe multiple specialists. As well as their regular internist. That’s a lot of appointments. Furthermore, my clients also tell me that it is hard to get all […]

If you’re like me and most of my clients, winter is wearing you down, especially if you live in a cold climate like I do. It’s still winter here. It may pretty much hang around through March. I recently posted an article with some thoughts about winter and the role it plays in our lives. […]

The winter is upon us.  It’s official.  So if you’re in a cold climate like I am, you may be feeling the double whammy of the first blasts of cold weather along with the greatly reduced hours of sunlight.  If you are in a warmer climate, you are at least feeling the impact of darkness […]

Awhile back, when discussing the importance of staying true to your medication and self-care regimen, I was using the word “compliance.” It was the word I was familiar with. But I had never really considered what compliance actually means until one of my readers educated me. Think about what compliance implies — doing what you […]

I spend a lot of time talking with my clients about relationships.  Not only the relationships they are currently involved in, but the relationships they would like to have.  Specifically, people to date, with the goal of finding that one special person.   Inevitably, these conversations turn toward what clients are doing to meet people.  […]

Given that we are dealing with imperfect beings, what if, instead of expecting perfection, you expected imperfection?  What if you started to ask yourself what parts of your life need to be functioning at 100%, and where you might begin to loosen up on your expectations?  Averaging out your expectations to, let’s say, around 80%?  […]