So, how’s your quality of life?

As a therapist, I frequently talk with my clients about their quality of life.  In fact, assisting them in increasing their quality of life is often one of our goals.  As you might agree, quality of life is an especially important concern and, yes, challenge, for individuals and families who are living with a chronic condition like a bleeding disorder.  Agreed? 

Now, you may already be asking, that’s a pretty general term so how do you make that an actionable goal.  That’s a good question.  So let’s take a step back and consider what having quality of life actually means. 

Just What Is Quality of Life?

Google provides what I think is a nice overall definition of quality of life: 

“The standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.”

Three important words here: standard, individual, and group.  What that says to me is that quality of life is defined by the individual or the group.  Group can include the family the individual belongs to.  And standards can vary from one individual or group to the next.  Your definition of quality of life may be very different from mine. Here’s a link to the article!

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