Joy! Joy! Joy?   The holidays can be difficult when you are living with a chronic condition.  I sure don’t need to tell you that.  And it can be all too easy to fall into kind of a negative attitude about the holidays.  Joy?  Are you kidding?  Here’s a link to an article that might […]

My clients have often told me that they stay in relationships that aren’t going anywhere at least in part as a result of their chronic condition. They may feel like they can’t do any better because of their health situation, so they may as well try to make it work. Have you ever felt that […]

All kids want to achieve an age-appropriate level of independence from their parents. That can be hard for parents under the best of circumstances. When a child is living with a chronic condition, helping a child become independent can be a challenge. Why? Because it’s hard for parents to not want to hover around their […]

It’s only human to have days when you just feel negative.  But all that negativity can have a negative impact on your relationship.  It’s not a great foundation for harmony and communication, and lead to stress and conflict.  Here’s help:  

A client who was finding himself annoyed with the bureaucracy at his job asked himself: How am I going to do this? Being more aware of what’s really important in life is the gift that my chronic condition has given me. I don’t want to lose that perspective because it’s a key to my emotional […]

When you’re feeling disappointed by your partner, or angry about something, it is only human nature to want to withhold from them.  It can sure feel justified in the moment.  But withholding can drive a wedge between you and your partner.  Read more in my Chronic Communication at Home article:

Finding out a boss you have been working well with is leaving is hard news to hear.  It’s even harder if you are living with a chronic condition, and you have had open communication with your boss, and they have been supportive.  Here’s how to cope:

It’s great to have a supportive partner. But a question for you.  Are there times when you might be asking too much of your partner? Don’t forget your chronic condition takes a toll on family members, too.  Here’s more:

Office politics can be a challenge for anybody.  If you’re living with a chronic condition, office politics can be especially challenging.  How you cope with politics at your workplace can have a big impact on your stress, not to mention your career advancement.  There’s a way to at least tolerate office politics.  Learn more by […]

My clients often complain to me that their partner doesn’t seem to know how to express emotion.  As a result, they feel their feelings are not being acknowledged, and that they aren’t getting the emotional support they need.  I remind them that their partners may not know how to express emotional, and that this doesn’t […]