Ready to take a look at your quality of life?

As a therapist, I frequently talk with my clients about their quality of life. In fact, assisting them in increasing their quality of life is often one of our goals. Now, you may already be asking, that’s a pretty general term so how do you make that an actionable goal. That’s a good question.

I break down the components of quality of life with each of my clients. We define quality of life based on their vision of their own quality of life. We break down the overall goal of quality of life into realistic and reachable goals and then work on them together.

So, some questions for you to consider: What does quality of life mean to you? And how can you get more quality in your life? 

Quality of life is actionable! It’s possible to increase the quality of life at your house by paying more attention to the areas of that your life that, for you, are important to achieving quality of life. As a mental health professional, of course I can’t help but to place your emotional wellness at the top of the list of ideas to enhance your quality of life. But I think you might agree with me that your mental health is a big factor in how you experience the day. So here are some ideas for helping your day go better:

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