Ever Have Suicidal Thoughts? Here is Some Perspective

Suicide is a scary word.  Mental health professionals don’t like to use that word, either.  So we often use the phrase “self-harm.” 

Whatever you call it, the meaning is the same: doing something to bring about the end to your own life. 

It’s been my experience that people consider suicide because they feel helpless and hopeless.  The symptoms of their mental illness may be overwhelming.  Their treatment regimen may not be working as well as it needs to be.  Their health problems and all that is involved in taking care of their health may make them feel like they are stuck on a treadmill, or a burden to others. 

Clients who are contemplating suicide often talk about how the ways they have coped with these challenges in the past don’t seem to be working anymore.  Or they are being faced with new challenges that they feel unprepared to cope with.  In other words, they are feeling as if they have hit a wall.  They describe overwhelming feelings of disappointment, frustration, anger, and fear that have built up over time.  Along with being tired of struggling with it all. 

I have to ask: How are things going for you?  https://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/ever-have-suicidal-thoughts-here-is-some-perspective/

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