Your colleague is returning from leave of absence

I often speak with clients who are returning from work after a leave of absence, and even wrote an article awhile back addressing this issue.  It’s not an easy process to find your way back into the workplace after being on leave, whether for medical or mental health reasons.

However, a client recently expressed concern about how to welcome back a colleague who has been out on leave.  They weren’t sure what to say, what questions might be appropriate or inappropriate.  Or whether they should try to pretend the leave didn’t happen.  Basically, is this an elephant in the room that needs to be left unattended, or should it be identified and discussed?  And let’s face it, it’s hard not to be curious as well as concerned.

So let’s face it.  While it’s hard to reenter the workforce for someone who has been on leave, it is also complicated for their teammates.  In light of this, here are some ideas to help you in effectively welcoming your colleague back to work after being out on leave of absence.  Here’s help:

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