Feeling burned out from COVID? You are not alone!

It’s been a rough road, this COVID-19 pandemic.  Right?  It’s been rough in many different ways, and I suspect we all share some of the ways in which living during these times has been challenging.  As a mental health professional, I’ve been thinking and talking and presenting and writing about mental health impact of COVID.  Including COVID burnout. 

The best way to begin talking about COVID burnout might be to tell you how my presentations have evolved during the pandemic.  In April of 2020, I presented a webinar (from lockdown), on “Coping with COVID.”  Soon followed by “Parenting During COVID.”  Later in the summer of 2020, my presentation was edited to reflect “COVID Fatigue.”  That fatigue stuck with us for awhile and kept my presentation in circulation as a result.  And then, last fall, mental health professionals began talking about COVID burnout.  And that’s where we find ourselves these days, maybe with some anxiety about reentry creeping in.  Check out my new article on this topic: https://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/feeling-burned-out-from-covid-you-are-not-alone/

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