Do you find yourself worrying a lot?  Humans worry.  If you’re living with a chronic condition, you may feel like you have that much more to worry about.  I just published an article in Resources on how to deal with worried thoughts.

The Envy Trap. How to Get Out of It, How to Avoid It.

It’s only human to wish you could put yourself into somebody else’s shoes. You ask yourself “I wonder what it would be like…?” Along with “why them and not me?” And these questions might also lead you back to that question people living with chronic conditions often ask: “Why me?”  Check out my article on the…

Considering Psych Meds?

Have you considered taking an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety medication?  Having trouble making the decision.  I recently published an article with some ideas for you to consider.  Here’s a link:  http://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/antidepressants-anti-anxiety-medication/


We are taught to try to make anxiety go away.  But how about getting to know your anxious feelings and see if there is a lesson to be learned?  Check out my latest article, “Anxious?  How About Running Toward Your Anxiety?”

Describing your Symptoms to Your Doctor

It’s not always so easy to describe your symptoms to your doctor.  I just posted an article with some approaches you might find helpful.  Here’s a link: http://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/talking-doctor-find-right-words-describe-symptoms/

Get tired of hearing the “challenge” word?

In my job, I often talk with people about how they are handling the challenges of life. With my friends, with my clients. Life is pretty unpredictable. And life requires a lot of effort on our part. That’s for sure. Nobody knows that better than someone who is living with a chronic condition.  But I sometimes…

Happy New Year 2015!

Wow!  Another year.  It feels like each one passes just a little more quickly than the one before.  I am wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2015!  Take good care of yourself!

How about a drink?

It’s the season to celebrate.  Maybe even with a drink… or two.  If you are living with a chronic condition, there’s a lot to consider before you take that first drink.  Check out my recent article in my resources for “Patients.”    

Holiday Time! Say Yes!

It seems to me that we often look at the holidays from the perspective of how to say no.  As a result, we risk turning the holidays into a time of dread and not anticipation.  Here’s another way to look at the holidays:  http://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/holiday-time-saying-yes/

When someone with your condition dies…

The news of someone passing away who has the same diagnosis as yours can bring up a lot of feelings.  I recently published an article on how to cope in this situation.  Here is a link: http://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/someone-condition-just-died-mean/