Stressing out? Time to try the 80/20 rule!

Given that we are dealing with imperfect beings, what if, instead of expecting perfection, you expected imperfection?  What if you started to ask yourself what parts of your life need to be functioning at 100%, and where you might begin to loosen up on your expectations?  Averaging out your expectations to, let’s say, around 80%?  Adjusting your expectations for yourself, and the people around you, to a more realistic 80 instead of 100 percent would mean allowing for the human factor in yourself and others.  It might also mean a whole lot less disappointment. Not to mention a whole lot less stress. And what if you embraced this idea so much that you instituted a new rule at your house?  The 80/20 rule.  With you and your family all adjusting expectations for themselves and each other accordingly.  Here’s how:

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