Looking for love in cyberspace? Here’s how to do it sanely.

I spend a lot of time talking with my clients about relationships.  Not only the relationships they are currently involved in, but the relationships they would like to have.  Specifically, people to date, with the goal of finding that one special person.  

Inevitably, these conversations turn toward what clients are doing to meet people.  And, of course, cyberdating – using dating websites and apps – comes up. 

My clients have experienced the broad spectrum of outcomes with cyberdating.  Some have met the person of their dreams through the magic of cyberspace.  This includes some of my friends.  Others are in the midst of online dating, having some hits as well as some, or many, misses, but forging on.  But there are also those who have struck out repeatedly, to the point that they have given up on finding love and companionship, in cyberspace, if not in life. 

And through their experiences, I have learned quite a bit about online dating: the challenges, the risks, the rewards.  I am going to share what I’ve learned with you.  Check out: https://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/sane-cyberdating-lessons-from-my-clients/

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