Dr. Gary

It’s been a rough road, this COVID-19 pandemic.  Right?  It’s been rough in many different ways, and I suspect we all share some of the ways in which living during these times has been challenging.  As a mental health professional, I’ve been thinking and talking and presenting and writing about mental health impact of COVID.  […]

It’s only human to get angry at times. And couples often experience angry moments. So when does anger cross into abuse? I hope you will take a look at an article I posted on this topic. Here is a link: https://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/when-anger-turns-into-abuse/

Do you have days when you aren’t quite feeling yourself and can’t help but feel alarmed that your emotional or physical health might be headed south? Scary, right? Not quite feeling yourself today? Not feeling all that okay doesn’t mean you’re not okay. Stay focused on the big picture. Each day – a good day, […]

Suicide is a scary word.  Mental health professionals don’t like to use that word, either.  So we often use the phrase “self-harm.”  Whatever you call it, the meaning is the same: doing something to bring about the end to your own life.  It’s been my experience that people consider suicide because they feel helpless and […]

Have you felt that need for closure eating away at you lately?  Can’t quite let it go until it has all been sliced, diced, and lined up in a neat row?  You’re in good company.  However… while wanting closure is only human, it can also be detrimental to your emotional wellness.  Digging in your heels […]

You have probably heard phrases like “listen to your gut” or “listen to your inner voice.” Therapists say that a lot, or at least I do. But I am not alone. Your intuition is always operating below the surface. And turning into it can help you in making decisions, in judging situations, in understanding people, […]

A lot of us are feeling anxious about COVID-19 reentry. We were anxious about the pandemic, now we’re anxious about getting back to the next chapter of our lives. The uncertainty continues. Take a look at an article I published about how to cope with COVID-19 reentry. Here’s a link: https://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/feeling-anxious-covid-reentry/

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. So it is only appropriate, I think, to talk about the importance of paying attention to your mental health. And reaching out for help if you need it. But I am often asked the question “How do I know if I need help?” So I have posted an […]

We often talk about identity these days, from a variety of perspectives. But the focus of my work is chronic and catastrophic conditions, so I think more about identity from that perspective. Living with a medical diagnosis can affect how others view us, as well as how we view ourselves. That includes labeling ourselves as […]

We all need validation.  On some days more than others.  When you hit one of those days, here’s what you can do: Remember that validation starts from within.  Therapists spend a lot of time talking with their clients about validation.  My approach is always to start with helping my client to understand the ways in […]