Dr. Gary

My colleagues in the mental health professions have often lamented the lack of emergency mental health assistance available to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.  We have had to rely on services available through 911 which, while able to respond to an emergency, are not trained mental health professionals and therefore not able to provide […]

We are hearing a lot about unconscious bias these days.  Along with many examples of what unconscious bias looks like, how it affects the ways in which we communicate, how it harms those who are the victims of unconscious bias.  We hear about it in the media, of course.  We see examples of it in […]

We toss the word “advocate” around a lot. I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all. In this complicated world we live in, it is important to advocate for ourselves, and to teach our children to advocate for themselves. And for sure, in the healthcare world, being your own advocate is especially important. With […]

My clients often me that, when they received their diagnosis, they told their doctor to just treat them. Essentially, they didn’t want to be involved in their treatment. This is at its core another form of denial, because by giving your doctor all the power, you are also avoiding becoming educated. Sure, it can be […]

I often speak with clients who are returning from work after a leave of absence, and even wrote an article awhile back addressing this issue.  It’s not an easy process to find your way back into the workplace after being on leave, whether for medical or mental health reasons. However, a client recently expressed concern […]

So here we are at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.  Yes, it’s that time of year when we’re hit with those “best of the year” and “worst of the year” lists.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you were doing your own year-end review, thinking about what happened and what didn’t happen, […]

It’s been a rough road, this COVID-19 pandemic.  Right?  It’s been rough in many different ways, and I suspect we all share some of the ways in which living during these times has been challenging.  As a mental health professional, I’ve been thinking and talking and presenting and writing about mental health impact of COVID.  […]

It’s only human to get angry at times. And couples often experience angry moments. So when does anger cross into abuse? I hope you will take a look at an article I posted on this topic. Here is a link: https://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/when-anger-turns-into-abuse/

Do you have days when you aren’t quite feeling yourself and can’t help but feel alarmed that your emotional or physical health might be headed south? Scary, right? Not quite feeling yourself today? Not feeling all that okay doesn’t mean you’re not okay. Stay focused on the big picture. Each day – a good day, […]

Suicide is a scary word.  Mental health professionals don’t like to use that word, either.  So we often use the phrase “self-harm.”  Whatever you call it, the meaning is the same: doing something to bring about the end to your own life.  It’s been my experience that people consider suicide because they feel helpless and […]