What fear does to us

It seems like the word fear has popped up a lot lately.  The political situation.  The pandemic.  Just two name a couple of the latest reasons to experience fearful thoughts lately.

My clients often talk about another reason for fear.  Their medical diagnosis.  I most often hear this from newly-diagnosed clients, who are still processing their diagnosis and what it means to them.  They project themselves into the future, how their status will affect their life, their relationships, how effective the medications will be in treating their condition.  Issues like disclosure and medication effectiveness may bring up fearful thoughts in individuals who are more experienced in living with their chronic condition.

If I was going to summarize the cause of the fears I discuss with my clients, I would summarize it in one word: Uncertainty.  Humans are wired to know what’s ahead in our lives.  And in the absence of knowing, fear stands ready to jump in and take over. Here’s help: https://justgotdiagnosed.com/resources/what-fear-does-to-us-and-how-to-cope-in-2021/

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