Resource Links

There are a lot of Websites that list more resources than I could ever list, so here is a brief selection of sites that include information as well as links to other valuable sites. Please keep in mind that some are from companies and others from non-profit organizations. Please note: I can’t vouch for the quality or reliability of the specific information you will encounter, I add these sites when their staff contact me and ask me to.  I have not personally vetted many of them. By the way, if you run across a site that you think is especially good, or especially bad, please send me a note at and tell me about it.


General Medical Information (National Institutes of Health and the US National Library of Medicine) (young women facing chronic illness)






Focused on Specific Conditions (Mesothelomia and Asbestos Awareness Center) (cancer) (a non-profit group dedicated to providing online resources for mesothelioma education)  (“Our mission is to guide mesothelioma patients and their loved ones toward answers, information, and healthcare solutions.”) (Hepatitis C) (children of parents with cancer) (interesting cancer-related information)  Information for parents on cord blood banks


Diet (Caution: These sites are not personally vetted.)


Mental Health (National Institute of Mental Health) (anxiety)

About Postpartum Depression


Assessments and Tests




Paying For Prescriptions






Suicide Prevention






Dating and Relationships


Resources for Older People (Administration for Community Living)

Walk-in Tubs:

 Medical Alert Systems:






Education and Employment




Finances and Insurance